Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello, old friend

Its been quite a long time since I've last sat here and typed on the computer for myself. I was really finding this enjoyable and have since forgotten how much. Today, I read my wonderful sister in law's blog and remembered how much I liked doing it myself. Since I don't do much for myself these days, maybe a few minutes here or there might be a good thing.
My life has changed so much. I now manage my own pharmacy and have become a specialist in HIV care. I work with many patients on a very personal basis. Many of them have become my friends, not just patients, which changes things in ways that I've never expected. I find such joy when a patient's viral load goes down, or their CDC count goes up. Small accomplishments can mean so much. Shoot, when I graduated there were 3 HIV drugs available commercially, now there are over 25 and more on the horizon. I provide more of a concierge type pharmacy service, and have found my particular niche in this arena. I work with a doctor that I feel is really a great provider.
My boys are getting so big. We made a big switch and left Catholic school for a charter school. I haven't questioned my decisions in live like that ever before. Somehow, by the grace of God, its working. My oldest & my hubby are going on an international trip this summer, they have music (MUSIC!), and they're all doing well.
Things have been so crazy for me emotionally. I had gotten to where I was questioning myself too much. Perhaps I can chronical my passage here, again, old friend. Just you and I.
Here's to a new 2011. Thanks, Lisa, for reminding me that I loved doing this. Here's for more to come......