Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Night

I have learned that Sunday nights are not an easy time. With young boys that have the spirit of their father, I have to corral everyone and get them calmed down after weekend crazy people time. I would love to be a fly on the wall on one of these evenings, as I seem to become the crabby mom from H-E-double hockey sticks and my family unravels in front of me. Hubby is usually part of the problem, mind you. Wrestling the boys is all their fault, don't you know? So, they will be in a jumble on the couch, arms and legs flying, until I interrupt. Then, getting them into the shower and in bed in time..good luck. How will 3 boys calm down enough by bedtime? Somehow, they all end up in their respective areas. For now.
But, there's a strange smell coming from my kitchen, trash maybe? And the floor, is it supposed to be speckled? Doesn't everyone's toilet area smell like everyone misses at least half of the time? And, did I even think about breakfast for the morning (please, oh please let there be enough milk) or lunch to pack for the big boy? What about clothes, are there uniforms clean? Or, do I need to do a load of laundry before bed (or get the detergent out of the back of my van because I'm out....)....
Whew, and its only quarter to nine. I can do it....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Just a Little Rambling

So often throughout the day I think "ooo, that's something I could write about". I even will play with it in my head, kindof writing it ahead of time. Then, by the time I get by the computer, forgetaboutit. I can't think of a thing that I had gone over. The oh-so cleaver lines, the witty remarks. All gone.
Then, life gets in the way again. As I'm writing this, I'm on hold with the utility company because they started service in the wrong apartment for a tenant who speaks very poor English. Now, the city thinks I put someone into an apartment without a proper inspection because of a clerical error. Which is of course what happened.
My house is a mess. My laundry is piling up. There's too much for 1 human to do everyday. I admire women who keep their house, children, and husbands happy at all times, but I can honestly say that I have no idea how it could be possible. Do the just not sleep? Because, I barely sleep and still can't get done. Do they clean/cook/have sex all at the same time? They must. And, to top it off, these women also look good. Like, not 50 lbs over weight and fix their hair kind of good. I'd love it if they'd just whisper their secret to me. I promise, I won't tell...

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Today was our annual fall festival at our parish called LaFesta. Yes, its Italian. No,, we are not Italian. My children are totally what you would call "Heines 57": a little bit of this, a little bit of that. But, I'm pretty sure that no where in that mix is anything from Italy.
It was an amazingly beautiful day for October in St. Louis. Almost too hot, actually. We started with the large plate of fried foods, toasted ravioli (a St. Louis original), mushrooms, and arancini (rice ball filled with meat sauce & peas). After that, we started on the game booths. Its amazing how fast a family of five can spend money at game booths. From the duck pond to the poker game, you can bet we were having a great time.
My 3 year old crashed out midway, in the middle of all of the hub-bub, and I sat out the festivities for a little while so he could snooze. Its amazing how a sleeping kid can make people stop and smile, but that same child going crazy & hollerin' can make them cringe. I left a little while later with that same 3 year old, now yelling that he wanted to stay at "festa" and my oldest, who has a fever now and a sore throat. Hubby & boy #2 stayed behind for a few more hours of LaFesta fun.
I have to say how much I enjoy our little neighborhood. When we first started here, I thought that it was going to be hard to fit in and make friends. Now, we have so many friends here that I think nothing of letting the reins a little looser and allowing my boys to run around the games with their friends, just like we did when we were kids. Hubby & I both walk around, talking to people, playing games, and just enjoying ourselves at these events. It feels very "old school", just like when I was a kid growing up in good ol' Dogtown. I remember my mom & dad having lots of friends like we have now. I know that if my boys needed something or got hurt, there's 20 people nearby them that would gladly help. Its a nice feeling. Its like home.