Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Laundry Monster

It seems to me that there is some evil monster at work in my house. Not a big green one with hairy ears, or even a version of the Star Wars Banta creature. No, this monster is the laundry monster. It lurks in corners, under the covers. It duplicates dirty clothes by the dozens. Somehow, just when I think there's a light at the end of the tunnel and I can finally be finished, 2 more loads surface. Lurking....Waiting for just the right moment to spring out and BOOM! I need to do more washing. And folding. And putting away. The last 2 by the way are where I fail miserably. Often through the years I have been known to spend several minutes in the middle of a large pile of clean clothes trying to find just 1 matched sock or school pants for my boys. Or, I'll get everything clean, put away into the drawers in everyone's room, and then I forget to hang up the shirts in the closets. I hate hanging clothes. Why can't they come pre-hung? With some strange little button that you push and poof, out from the collar springs a hanger? If only we could live in the days like the Jetsons. Where you just go into a little room, a robot gives you a shower, shaves your legs (even in the winter time), fixes your hair and makeup, and then puts on just the right outfit for the day. No wrinkles included, please. If only...

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