Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Computer is dying!

I feel like I'm in the process of mourning an old friend. My computer is in its final days. My screen keeps flickering, and yesterday my computer stopped 3 times and gave me "fatal error" screens. I'm worried because 1. I hate change with regards to computers, 2. I have no money for a new computer, and c. I have no money for a computer! My boys are unable to work on their things, I can't keep track of my bank account, I'll loose so much stuff! I did just back up everything necessary on my hard drive, that took 20 cds. I went to Best Buy to look at computers and the guy was so like "you need a MAC!", that he scared me away. I can't spend $1,500 on a computer right now, I just need to get online & do my paperwork for our buildings! Yesterday was my birthday, I am now 37. yuck. that's supposed to be my mom's age. Anyway, I'm getting ready to go to a play this afternoon, I better go.....

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