Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Yesterday, my 2 year old woke up from a short nap with a raging fever. No other symptoms at all. All day, he just wanted to lay on my shoulder and sleep. This is the child that never, never stops mind you. I felt so bad for him & all he could tell me was that his forehead hurt, which could have just been from the fever. Finally, after giving Tylenol at 10pm, he slept a little. He would not eat or drink anything the entire day and that made me worry, I've been in the hospital with him before for dehydration. Then, he woke up at 4am very hot. I have another dose of Tylenol and he finally drank water. Then, he ate some dry cereal. Then graham crackers. Then drank gatorade. Then milk. Never went back to sleep mind you. Now, its 8:20am and he's running around like nothing ever happened. And talking and playing, just like normal. Keep fingers crossed, lets keep it this way!

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