Friday, June 13, 2008

Mary Kay Calling

Hello, I'm your new Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. Yes, I've taken the big leap into pyramid sales. Kindof silly for a woman who can earn over $50 an hour just working at her given profession, but this way I can still be at home and work days for that same $50. I am kindof excited to be doing something, though. Also, I have to begin selling many things on ebay over the next few weeks. My hubby has gone a little crazy on the sales racks lately and we have a few extras, to say the least.
My boys are now home for the summer. They are going crazy already staying home. My oldest has started a swim team at 9am M-Th every week. It is not an easy task to get 3 children plus myself out of the house every morning. Its summer, dammit, I should be sleeping! So, I was all syked up about not going this morning. And, my 2 year old woke up for the day at 6am. This is the same child who will not get up before 10am normally.
Right now, my 2 year old is running after the big boys. They kindof play a tag game but its really just stay away from the little guy and make him run around the house. He thinks that there's no one cooler in the world than his big brothers, I wish they would just understand that instead of thinking he's just a pain. Some day, I will wish for the loud screams, I know that. Right now, I can just smile and tell them not to hurt each other too bad. Such is life in our house.

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