Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Life: The Ride on a Swing

It feels like every other time I write my mood changes. One time, I'm happy, another I'm down again. Honestly, I'm down most of the time, I just try to act like I'm up. It may last even a full day. Then, it hits me again. The headache. The anxiety. The itches all over. My desire to scream and cry and why me? Why do I act like this when my family is amazing, my husband is great, my children are wonderful. But me, not so much. I feel like Santa when I look in the mirror, the "shook when "s"he laughed like a bowl full of jelly" part. My head hurts. All. The. Time. I'm tired, all the time. We are trying to move, get paperwork ready to sell a big building, fix up the house we're moving into and pack up the one that we live in, work on selling ZRII, manage all of our properties, ,, oh, yeah, do I have kids to take care of, too? Not very well, unfortunately. I think that the WII has become my babysitter. I should be paying it. They haven't gotten their bikes out 1 time this summer, and its almost August. I keep thinking that praying is going to help. Or, the outrageous dosage of Lexapro that I take. Or, I'll just wake up and it will all be better. Oh, how I wish....

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