Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas!

The process has begun. Yes, my friend, we have started decorating this large house. This morning I went with the guys that work for us into our storage and found several, actually over a truck full, of decorations. And, since it was a sunny day (but extremely cold), we started on the outside. My hubby could easily be called Clark Griswald, of the Christmas Vacation fame.
Also, I have to say, this house is beautiful. It is old, and Victorian, and looks amazing with Christmas lights outlining the exterior. And, we have a Santa sleigh and reindeer parked on the side roof. And the entire widow's walk is lined with light up 3 foot candy canes. It gives me chills that this is actually where we call home after all of these years. We have owned this house for 8 years, and this is our first Christmas in it.
Tonight, I went through several of the totes with inside decorations. I have a pretty cool collection of Santa Clauses, I must say. I have a thing for unusual Santa's. And I love snowglobes. Of course, 1 was broken. It never fails because we have so many things stacked up in the storage area.
My 3 year old is totally getting into the whole Christmas thing. He told me Merry Christmas several times as we were outside, watching Daddy on the roof. And, as I was opening things, his excitement was wonderful. This is what its all about. The wonderment and awe in a child during Christmas time is so cool. My 7 year old was walking around with his Santa hat, as cute as ever.
Last year I purchased our first ever fake tree. So, I can actually get my tree up over the next few days and it will still look amazing on Christmas day! I do love a real tree, but the ease of a fake one is just too much to fight with anymore.
So, Happy Christmas season, ye ol' blog. May the good times roll.

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