Friday, November 28, 2008


I'm thankful for so many things this year, but here's a few:
-My children, who are the most amazing boys in the entire world. They are all 3 so different:
--my oldest, the wise old soul with his mom's soft heart, smart as a whip, generous, loving, and such a good big brother
--my middle son, my little ball of fire, who loves and gets angry to the extreme. Not everything comes easy but he'll work his tail off if he wants it. Ladies man, goof ball, loves all things army
--my youngest, my baby. 3 years old and thinks he can do everything his brothers do. So headstrong, so bullheaded, quite the dancer (he can do the white man boogie, I'll tell you). Perhaps I baby him too much because I'll never have more, but too bad.
-My husband, who of course gave me my 3 amazing boys. Who's loved me, and grown up with me, for the last 20 years. My best friend, the love of my life
-My house. Its great to be in here finally even as I type in a sea of boxes because my office is the last room to be unpacked. My hubby did an amazing job w/the lights out front and I'm getting started inside. Its going to be beautiful.
-A very uneventful, lazy Thanksgiving day. It was so low key, and delicious. No stress, good food, good family.
-A healthy family. More surgeries this year for my Pop, but looks better than in a long time. My mom's doing well. Brother's & sister's families all good. We had a great Thanksgiving on Saturday w/my family & I really enjoyed it, my nieces are getting so big. Also, my family on hubby's side, I have a great mother in law & her family has embraced me as one of their own.
-Hope for a better financial future. I have a gut feeling there's light at the end of the horizon.
-A great parish and school for my kids, fun for ourselves w/families we're friends with.

Just a glimpse, for sure. I'm thankful for so much more.
Happy Thanksgiving

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