Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Son, the Musician

My oldest son's class has started learning how to play the recorder. Its a small wind instrument that is often the starting point for music lessons for children. So, for the last week or so he's been bringing it home to practice. Now, don't get me wrong. I love the fact that he's taking up an instrument, the best I can do is pretend to hum a few lines of a song. And, even that's not on the right key. So, he's now learned 3 notes. And, he plays those 3 notes over. And over. And over. I would never say anything negative to him about it. But, I'm going to crack. Thank goodness bedtime is in an hour.
Now, onto other business. Before I get too interrupted, I realize that its been quite some time since I've last posted (sorry, Mom, even though you're my only reader). We actually finally moved into our big house. Its not a mansion or even as big as my sister's house, buts its bigger for us. It has 3 floors, so you can bet my butt is starting to improve. And, until Friday, my washer & dryer were still across the street at the other house. For a family of 5, thats alot of trips across the street for me to do laundry. Often, at 8 or 9 at night, none the less. But, tonight I put my first load of laundry in the basement here and I have to tell you it was bliss. Pure and simple. Crazy that something as simple as going into the basement to do laundry vs running across the street in 30 degree weather can make me so happy, but it does. So, now that I can do laundry and cook here, life is good. Which is a stretch for me to say, sometimes I have a hard time with day to day life. But, we went to breakfast w/my mom & dad (today my dad is 69 years old, and you can bet thats not being lost w/my dad. My mom's going to be hearing about that for the next 12 months), then to an awful Rams game, then to my middle son's soccer game, then home to filets that hubby grilled. Not bad, I must say myself.
do, do, do, do, do, do, do....(thats the best I can say for the sounds coming out of my son's instrument right now)....I'm going to be hearing that in my dreams.

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