Monday, December 1, 2008


Yes, it has snowed outside. Just a dusting, mind you, maybe a half inch, but snow none the less. My youngest woke up this morning and said "Mom, its snow! Berry Christmas!". I don't have the heart to correct him, Berry Christmas is just about the cutest thing he could say, of course. There's just something about looking out the window to snow, it makes everything pretty. Our old carriage house, that has seen better days, looks so pretty covered in white. I love it!
My oldest is home today, covered in a rash from head to toe. I have no idea what its from. We have done nothing different, same soap, etc. Yet, last night he said his neck was bumpy and when I checked him out, yep, he's covered in red bumps everywhere. He's itchy, and sleeping for now thanks to the dose of benadryl that I gave him a little while ago. So, off to the doctor's again. If I don't call his nurses every couple of weeks they miss me, you know. It feels like I talk to them more than I talk to some of my girlfriends, but thats how it is when you have 3 boys.
So, Happy December. May the season bring happiness and a little bit of good fortune.

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