Monday, December 22, 2008

Water, Water, we have Water!

Finally, after over 24 hours, we were able to defrost the pipes leading to our first floor bathroom & we now have water. Luckily, we did this with minimal damage, we only cut out a small panel of drywall in the pantry and another in the bathroom. Since the pipes are run entirely in the walls, there was no direct access to them to apply heat tape or any other device that would be made to fix such a problem.
So, we went about it the old fashioned way. Yep, we got out the hair dryer. And, the space heaters. While one of us was in 1 room holding the hair dryer to the pipes we exposed by tearing out the drywall, the other was watching the faucets, praying for the smallest drip. Then, it came. Finally, we had water flowing in both the hot & cold pipes! Score!
Strange things please me, obviously. But, we have a houseful of people coming over in 2 days & it would have really sucked to make them all walk up the steps to the bathroom.
Two days until Christmas! I'm excited. We are going to try to go to the 10pm mass on Christmas eve if we get all of our guests out of here. I think that would be really cool, plus the boys would already be dressed up from the party so that makes things extra easy for me. My boys are going to be happy this year, somehow we were able to find some great buys on the items that they wanted (thanks to hubby for shopping on Black Friday, actually), and some items that we've had left over from holidays past when we overbought. We didn't do presents for each other this year, we just didn't have the money. That's ok, watching my boys is more than I've ever needed. I never know what to tell anyone to get me, I'm not at my smallest size ever and hate to get clothes, or tell anyone my true size, and I really don't need much else.
Anyhooo, here's to a busy day tomorrow getting finished cleaning up. Merry Christmas, blog world.


Momma Mary said...

I hope you had a wonderful and Merry Christmas. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog! I do know that things are often more complicated than the news can report. :)

I hope that your pipe situation gets cleared up quickly and without too much damage to your home or your pocketbook!!

Helene said...

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!! Sounds like you were busy!! I hope the pipes don't freeze must be super cold where you are!!