Friday, December 19, 2008

The Christmas Procession

Today, my mother in law & I went to the 8am mass at our Church. My 2nd grader was to be part of the procession at the beginning of mass & he wore a bright blue blanket around his shoulders as a cape, so it had to be a good one, right? It was absolutely amazing. The children behaved beautifully. They walked in telling a very short version of the order of people in the bible "Adam & Eve,...Moses...Joseph & his 11 brothers..." all the way down to Mary & Joseph carrying the baby. My son came in as the father of Joseph, and was so serious about his job! It was so amazingly cute that I could hardly stand it. They are growing up right before our eyes, as another blogger wrote so appropriately about the other day (thank you, Helene, for a nice blog to remember that they are only little for such a short time). Anyhow, during mass we were able to sit with my boys, and the priest gave just an amazing sermon geared toward the children. I love this priest's masses because he really talks to his audience and makes it interesting for them. He had a present that he opened, with all the brew-ha-ha, making a mess w/the paper, having trouble w/the box, etc. But the present inside was a statue of Jesus and he reminded everyone that the best present of all was the present of Jesus.
Just wanted to say, Happy Birthday, Jesus. Thanks for all of my gifts, even if I seem like I'm not grateful, I truely am.

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