Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finally, She Sleeps

My wonderful Aunt We passed away on Sunday afternoon. Apparently, it was a very peaceful passing, she simply went to sleep. I'm so glad that at the end it wasn't painful, or scary. She had her children with her and was able to go quietly.
She has a crowd waiting for her up in heaven, as most of us do. Her husband has been there without her for 25 years, I'm sure that he is very happy right now. Two of her children are there also, how nice their reunion must be about now.
My mom & I were talking and she asked me what form of ourselves is in heaven. Are we the age when we die, or something else? My reply is that I believe that we are in heaven as we see ourselves. For example, I see myself as about 18, short, skinny, blonde and pretty. This woman who looks back at me from the mirror, almost 40 and chubby, that's not the me in my mind's eye.
I'm sure that the Aunt We that's up there isn't the frail, tiny woman that she had become at the end. I think that she's young, and vital. A head full of dark hair and standing strong. She was always such an amazing woman in my eyes, almost larger than life. Also, she's going to be with her love of her life, and he is still 25 years younger. I can see them now, both young and happy to be together. In their amazing house that they built with their own hands, up on top of the hill. Or, younger still, just at the age that they started out in life. Like the picture the kids had placed in the hospital room of a bright eyed young couple.
I'm sure that the Bible says more about this, but I'd like to think that we have some say in how we are for eternity.
I love you, Aunt We. Thank you for being the amazing woman you were. Thank you for loving me and being there for me. Thank you for everything.

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Helene said...

What a touching post! And you have a wonderful insight on what happens up there in heaven!!

I'm so sorry about the passing of your Aunt but it sounds like she's at peace now.