Friday, September 19, 2008

My Morning & My Blogs That I Read

Well, its now 7:55. Whew. On Mondays & Fridays, thats my time to slow down. I get up between 6-6:30, lay out everyone's clothes (including my husband's), wake everyone up, get my oldest in the shower, start getting breakfast on the table, checking the school lunch to see if my boys will eat it and if not, make lunches, hurry them along with the dressing (for some reason this seems to be most difficult thing in the universe), find their belts that they swear they put away, decide if we need jackets, get my youngest up & dressed to drive with me, get dressed myself, wash my face & brush my teeth, find the to school. Wish them both the best of days, say goodbye & watch them walk away as my young men. Get home again, settle little guy down in front of Blues Clues, pour my Dt. Mtn Dew, and off to the computer.
This is my cherished few minutes. Will I get to actually write today? I am getting to where when something happens, I imagine what I'll write about it. I enjoy doing this, even if its just for the wild unknown internet, some faceless space where everything resides. This is a type of therapy for me, and I would bet for many of us "mom-bloggers" out there. I truely enjoy what I'm doing when I sit down.
I also love reading what others have read. I read about a wonderful mom w/2 sets of twins, God Bless Her Soul! She writes such wonderful stories, and boy do I understand how hard it is to have them 1 at a time, but 2! And to have 2 sets! I gotta love her for keeping her sanity and for making me laugh and smile.
Another blog I read loyally is about organizing. This is my dream, but I don't know if I'll ever attain it. I'm a stacker, myself. Yep, stack everything in the corner. On my desk. In the closet. But, most of the time I'm pretty good about knowing what stack has what I'm looking for, that's organized, right?
Another mom I'm going to mention is written by a mother of 4 who raises horses & dogs. Lots & lots of dogs. She also has an amazing children's clothing line that she does in her spare time. My Lord, I could only imagine her days. Oh, yeah, and 1 of her children has special needs, but is a cute as a dickens in the pictures. I feel crazy w/3 kids & 1 cat, and feel like I never have time for myself. I guess when you glimpse into other people's lives you really see what the human spirit can handle.
The last person I'm going to mention lives in St. Louis, just like me. She is a much younger mother of 2 than I am (twenty something vs almost forty), but an established writer. It is actually through her old column in the Post Dispatch that I found her blog, and then started reading blogs from there. I really enjoy her stories, she writes with an amazing flare. She is always battling for blog rights and working hard so that the rest of us will be able to claim our own writing as our own property. You go, girl. Keep up the writing, we love it. I also have to hand it to her, she homeschools. While part of me would love to do such a thing, the other part loves the days when they're gone. Also, I was fortunate to find a Catholic school/parish that we totally love and that is very progressive in technology, art, science, foreign language, etc. Not all of them are, and I know the neighborhood where they live and unfortunately our Diocese has closed most of the schools around there.
So, my youngest has just joined me whinning. Time to leave my little break and get back to mom-ing.

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