Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Son the Headbanger

My husband & I are old 80's rockers. What can I say? I admit it. I love Metallica. Even though I'm a 37 year old mom of 3 and totally not what you would think of as a Metallica fan, I am still a headbanger at heart. This being said, I have a few of their albums on my ipod. Funny thing about my ipod, though, is that I never seem to get to use it. My almost 10 year old son has it most of the time. So, now he's a metal head like his mommy & daddy.
Its not surprising, since we've been listening to Metallica since he was in my tummy. I even think that my husband & I were going out for a long drive (like we used to do before we had children) and listening blissfully & very loudly to a Metallica CD when I said to him that it would be funny if he ended up liking this music.
Now, onto the reason for this story: Metallica is coming in concert. My hubby's first words about it were not "let's go!" but rather "I'm taking my boy!". When I just bought the tickets online this morning, my son was watching over my shoulder anxiously, asking a million questions and going on & on about it to the point that I had to shoo him away. I somehow was able to secure great seats for them. (And will make sure that there's ear plugs to join them!)
The headbanger, 80's girl in me wants to say "hey, I want to go!". But, the mom in me loves that my 2 biggest boys are going (hubby & boy #1). Strange thing to share w/your children, I agree. But I think its pretty cool that something my husband loves, his boy now loves too.
This isn't his first concert, though. A few weeks ago Bruce Springsteen was in town & they went to that show on a spur of the moment. Pretty cool that his first 2 concerts are The Boss & now Metallica.
Now, I just have to dig out one of hubby's old concert t-shirts & he'll be the coolest little headbanger there!

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