Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Trifecta

We took the day off on Saturday, no kids, no work, no craziness, and went to the DuQuoin State Fair to see the harness races. Strange choice for a day off, I believe, however we had a reason. A good friend of my husband's family is one of the owners of a harness racing horse, DeweyCheathamnHowe, who was racing in the final race of the day and was the favorite for the win. I was a racing virgin, you could say. I have never been to any horse race of any kind. It was actually really cool. We were able to sit with our friends and their group. We watched several races before the final event so we were able to understand what was happening.

I made a bet. My husband sent me off with the racing form and said "pick what you want, here's some money". Now, I've been to the casino's here in Missouri. Its nothing to spend $20 there. So, I placed $20 on the Trifecta bet. Apparently, that's a pretty big sum of money for the Trifecta.

The race was exciting, to say the least. Our hearts were pumping, will Dewey (which is what those of us in the "group" called him) win? Will he defeat his foes and win another amazing sum of money? The passed the first turn, and he was 2nd. By the second turn, he had gained the lead. Oh no, a racing enthusiast may say, you don't want your horse in 1st for the whole race. Can he do it? Will he win?

Of course, its Dewey we're talking about. He took the race beautifully. It was amazing. My heart was pumping like we had just won the World Series. Then, we strolled down to the Winner's Circle with the owners.

HOW COOL IS THAT? It was way cool. If you see a short, chubby blonde in the back, yep, thats me. Since I'm 5 ft tall, however, I doubt you can see me in any pictures. I'm sure you can see my hubby, though, he's the devilishly handsome fella with the sunglasses.

Oh, and that Trifecta? I won. Of course since all the horses I picked were really good, it only paid out 8 to 1, but that's $140 that I didn't have before the race, so its all good.

All in all, a pretty cool day, I must say. We drove back home after some ridiculous fried food from a booth called "Fried What?", I had a fried snickers bar. Totally gross & yet so yummy. Just enough to hurt your teeth, I shudder just thinking about it.

So, Dewey won, we ate gross fried food, and drove the 2 hours home. We were by ourselves and actually really had a good day. Thanks, babe, I needed that.

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