Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget

Today is 9-11.
I think as a country we have forgotten what happened on that horrible day 7 years ago.
I think we have reached a level of complacency with regards to terrorist acts. We've started thinking it couldn't happen again. That we are safe as a country and no one can hurt us.
We Are Wrong.
I am not a political person at all. I don't think this is a matter of Democrat or Republican. It is a matter of being American. We need to remember that this act, this senseless act of violence against women, children, men..mostly civilians that were at work, or on their way to see loved ones, or returning home from a trip, occurred because someone out there felt that they had the right to destroy what was not theirs to take. And, as long as people like Osama bin Laden are out there, these threats to our way of life are strong. These attacks were not the last terrorist attacks we will see on US soil, I'm afraid.
I remember that day so well that the hair on my arms is raised and my heart is beating fast as I type. I had a small baby, just 7 months old, and a toddler home. My husband & I were together, which was rare on a day like that, and watching the Today show. I loved Katie Couric then, I don't get to watch the evening news now, its dinner time. As we were watching they were trying to figure out what had happened to the first tower of the World Trade Center, when we saw the side burst into flames on the second tower. As they played back another angle, I'll never forget Matt Lauer saying it was a plane. We were freaking out. My husband's mom was in North Carolina at her sisters & was supposed to fly in a few days, thank God she wasn't coming home that day.
Then, we watched the TV in terror as the events unfolded. As they were describing that there were planes that the control towers had lost contact with. As the towers crumbled. As the Pentagon was hit. As the plane with those amazing passengers that fought the terrorists crashed. All day long. The devistation. The people this event effected.
I remember the next day how quiet it was outside with no air travel. It was eerie. It was fitting.
Perhaps each year we should make 9-11 a day without air travel just to remember.
So, I wanted to just say that I remember. I pray for those that lost loved ones, I pray for our country. Today, we should all just pause.


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Mekhismom said...

What a powerful post Teresa. We all have memories of that day and it is so important that we hold on to them so that it *hopefully* never happens again. Thank you for sharing your story.