Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Sleepover

My boys are hosting their best friends over tonight for a sleepover. Mind you, its not a slumber party, thats for girls. Boys, they do sleepovers. We're very fortunate that my 4th grader & 2nd grader are best friends with boys that are brothers themselves. They are blonde headed, about the same size and shape as mine, and very good boys. I could easily pass them off as mine if I had to! I love to watch/listen to them interact, especially when they think that I'm not around. It also helps an amazing amount that my 3 year old thinks the world of these boys. So, life is good on a night like tonight. I made homemade pizzas (ok, premade pizza shells, premade sauce, cheese-but thats as close as it gets for me), they've been playing games, and now they've just settled into the living room with the Speed Racer movie that just came out on DVD. All of this after a very full day so hopefully they'll sleep some tonight.
Now, I'm one tired mom. I'm going to go get my book and settle in...good night.

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