Sunday, September 28, 2008

Twenty Year Reunion

This weekend was my husband's 20 year high school reunion. I graduated the year after him from the same school & we were high school sweethearts, so I went with him. We had an evening out at a bar on Friday night and an event at our school on Saturday night.
Friday night at the bar was fun. We were with the 3 other guys that we have stayed close with through the years & their spouses, and then many old friends strolled in. It was alot of fun to see so many people we had been friends with back in school. He of course knew many that I didn't, isn't that funny being just 1 year apart in school? But, our school was big for a Catholic school, I think his class had 350 & my class had about the same. I left around 12 & he came home about 3am, then I got up & we talked about so many of our old friends.
Saturday night was fun. The event location was a bummer, $50 a head for crappy appetizers and drinks. They closed the place down at 10:45. The people more than made up for the fact that we were in our school, it was really great to see old friends. And to make new friends. We became friendly with a couple that the wife was hubby's classmate. They are also in the Disney Vacation Club and we really enjoyed swapping Disney stories. Then, turned out he was Greek, too so that was also a fun topic. One girl in particular was great for me to see, her & I became friends I think as a result of my relationship w/hubby, but not dependent upon it. I sometimes forget that I had a life before him/apart from him back then, its all so blurry now. She reminded me of some very fun times that we used to have together. Gosh, I can't express how much I enjoyed being a teenager. I'll be honest, we were not the best kids but boy did we have a good time.
So, 20 years down, 20 more to go. Its amazing that we've been through this path together and exciting to think about the future.
Oh, and by the way, he was still the best looking guy in the room!

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